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Thermo suit and boots are included!

During the winter months it gets famously cold in the Arctic. Fortunately Tromsø has a relatively mild climate due to the warming currents of the Gulf Stream, however, it still holds temperatures usually between -1 to -10, sometimes dropping down to -20. It does get cold and you need to dress accordingly. We recommend several layers of breathing warm clothing – wool is a must here in the North, from top to toe.

Make sure you have warm jacket and trousers, gloves, scarf and hat. When coming on the tours with us we provide you with a warm overall Arctic survival suit, and top notch polar boots which protects against cold temperatures, snow, wind and weather. You wear the survival suit over your normal jacket. We have all sizes and help you get dressed. So, in order to keep warm, you will be able to use a warm suit and thermo boots during Amazing Aurora tours out in the cold. Why freeze when you can keep warm with clothing that is made for keeping you warm…

– Whats included –
Hot meal
Warm suit
Warm boots
Pictures after the trip

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